We help entrepreneurs achieve their communication goals with focus on detail and proactive value. Lori Brooks and her team enjoys serving as a CREATIVE RESOURCE PARTNER, a MARKETING STRATEGIST, a DESIGN CONSULTANT or an EVENT PLANNER.

Business Professionals tend to hire XLDesign4U for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To Implement Logo Creation or Logo Enhancement
  •  To Design Marketing Materials for Targeted Audiences
  • To Create & Co-ordinate Direct Mailing Campaigns
  • To Plan Strong Event Presence Strategies
  • To Create & Orchestrate The Production of Customized Print & Sign Products
  • To Maintain Qualitative Product Delivery Promptly & Cost Effectively
  • To Provide Employee Incentive Program Ideas
  • To Develop Their Public (Identity) “Remembrance” Tools
  • To Provide Time-Saving & Value-Driven Marketing Results
  • To Increase Community Visibility
  • To Navigate “Right Fit” Graphic Options For Specific Media Formats
  • To Provide Branded Promotional Products
  • To Research Best Apparel Branding Options
  • To Stay On Task During Critical Production Schedules
  • To Partner as an In-House Graphic Marketing Team Member
  • To Perform Desired Marketing Results Within A Defined Budget

Lori brings 30+ years of B2B experience as a strong communicator, teacher and design enthusiast to the table. The results – unique and clever solutions that communicate your marketing message with focus on detail and value.

Standing proudly on a business platform of EXCELLENCE, Lori opened her business XL4U Trading as XLDesign4U in August, 1998.

If you have a desire to stimulate & increase the visibility of your brand and marketing message, and are serious about the results you want to achieve, let’s talk about a marketing/promotional strategy that supports your business goals.

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