Website FAQs

In this article is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the members-only section of this website.

How do I edit/update my profile information?

Once logged in, registered members who wish to modify their Web Profile information can do so by clicking on the Login/Logout panel at the top of the page and clicking on the “Manage Profile” link or by clicking on the Toolbox menu item under the Members menu. Members are provided the ability update their First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password.
NOTE: This is for your Web Member Profile only, this will not update your Member Directory contact information.

Registered members who wish to modify their Member Directory contact information must do so by providing their updated details in writing, via email, or by using the online form (accessed from your Member Directory page) to the active Membership Director. The Membership Director will ensure that the information is updated in any documents and the online Directory in a timely manner.

What is RSS?

RSS “feeds” are a simple and free way to access content that is important to you, as soon as it becomes available. When new content is relevent, it will immediately be shown to you which means that you won’t need to keep checking to see if the information has been updated. Whereever you see the RSS logo RSS Feed Icon on the website you will be able to subscribe to our information to recieve updates. To subscribe, you can click on the link if you are using an up to date browser. Otherwise you will need to copy the page address from your browser’s address bar into your RSS news feed reader.

To use RSS you will need a “RSS feed reader”, or “news reader”. This allows the RSS to be read and viewed on your screen. Most common browsers now check for feeds when you visit a website and display an icon letting you know it is an RSS feed. They can add the RSS feed automatically to your favourites or your toolbar in your browser. This means you will not need a seperate application to read the RSS.

You can also use an RSS Reader. Standalone feed reader programs, such as FeedReader, need to be installed on your PC, alternatively web-based readers can be used to read RSS feeds. Both Google and Yahoo have web based readers.