TowneBank | Our Story

Founded in 1999, TowneBank remains one of the largest banks ever chartered in Virginia. Named in 2021 as the #16 Best Bank in America by Forbes, the success of TowneBank is rooted in our commitment to the core values established by our founders more than twenty years ago.

TowneBank started in 1998 with a big dream in a two-car garage in Portsmouth, Virginia. It was there that the original founders met and created the vision that would become TowneBank: a community-oriented bank focused on key principles that include a commitment to recruiting the very best employees, creating a family atmosphere, engaging local board members, and delivering the ultimate in customer service while providing quality, upscale banking facilities that house the most efficient technology available.

On April 8, 1999, TowneBank opened three offices with start-up capital from more than 4,000 shareholders. Achieving profitability in just 11 months, TowneBank continued to grow—and still does, today—operating more than 40 banking offices throughout Hampton Roads and Central Virginia, as well as Northeastern and Central North Carolina.

As TowneBank grew, there were celebrations, commemorations, and benchmark moments that recognized our hardworking and deserving family of members, shareholders, and employees. TowneBank has never lost sight of our mission: to be a community asset committed to serving others and enriching lives.