Membership Classification

EWI is an international organization of leading non-competitive business and professional firms. The key phrase for our purpose is: “non-competitive business and professional firms.” First, let’s address the “Rule” and then the “Application of the Rule“.

Each EWI Chapter is comprised of non-competing firms.

Now that we know the rule, how do we apply it?

The Answer:
Each member firm is classified by the nature of its business. Each firm receives two classifications:

The MAJOR classification identifies a company’s general area of business, the MINOR classification identifies a company’s specific area of business.

EWI has defined about 100 MAJOR classifications and about 1,000 MINOR classifications.

Because there are only about 100 MAJOR classifications under which EWI member firms fit, many firms will share the same MAJOR classification.

Admitting or not admitting firms into EWI is the prerogative of each member firm. We each have the right to block or grant the privilege of membership to our individual competitors. Because we “post” each prospective member firm in our Chapter newsletter, the EWI representative and/or executive can accept or reject a firm before the Chapter extends an invitation.

It should be pointed out, however, that an objection must be in writing and be from the executive of the objecting firm and be received by the Membership Director within 10 days of posting. It must be a legitimate objection, i.e.; the firm would be in direct conflict with the existing member firm, etc. In the event the Board feels the circumstances do not warrant such an objection, then the objection can be overturned, but not before the Board carefully weighs the negative effect such an action would have upon the existing member firm.