Legal Resources





Legal Resources has been a Group Legal Plan Provider over 20 years. Today Legal Resources serves over 500 client groups nationwide. Legal Resources is the only Legal Care provider that allows employees to select a full service local law firm. Our plan pays 100% of the attorney fees for all our fully covered legal services, and our Plan includes Identity Theft Assistance. Legal Resources provides all administrative support to implement and maintain the benefit. There are no minimum participation requirements.

Confused about Legal Plans? The difference is Night & Day.

Highlights of the Legal Resources Plan include:

  • No hidden fees or waiting periods
  • Employees select their own local law firm
  • The Plan can never be used against the employer
  • More core legal services covered at 100% than any other plan
  • No cost to the employer
  • Low cost to the employee

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive coverage, attorney panel convenience, and a commitment to member satisfaction. That’s why over 500 companies have made the choice and selected Legal Resources to serve all their employees legal needs nationwide.

Employer sponsored group legal plans
Employee groups of 100 or more