EWI Frequently Asked Questions

What is EWI?

EWI is the premier organization for networking and leadership development for today’s business professionals and their firms. There are over 3,000 member firms and 3,500 representatives in major cities throughout the United States and Canada. And our numbers are growing! Who are Member Firms and Representatives? Member firms is our term to refer to the businesses who are members of our organization. Our meetings, conferences and board positions are comprised of their individual “representatives.”

Is EWI exclusive to women?

No. There are a growing number of men in the organization.  In its 75th year, EWI continues to evolve to meet the needs of its membership. Specifically, this is why the organization is referred to as EWI today, rather than Executive Women International.

How long has EWI been in existence?

The organization was established in California in 1938 as Executive Secretaries, Inc. when Lucille Johnson Perkins recognized the importance and potential of an association of key women working with their executives to promote their firms and improve their community.

Thirty years later, the name was changed to Executive Women International. The name change reflects the international expansion of the organization and the changing roles of women in the business world.

How does EWI support personal and professional development?

  • EWISP Scholarship (Open to high school seniors)
  • ASIST Scholarships (Open to adult students at transitional points in their lives)
  • Fellows Program (Open to EWI representatives to continue their education)
  • Teleseminars
  • Academy of Leadership
  • Leadership Conference
  • Spring Conference, Leaders Summit, and more!

How does EWI help the community?

In addition to scholarships, literacy and learning is the primary focus through the Reading Rally program. Local and national / international programs take place throughout the year.

How can I link to ewirichmond.org?

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  • EWI of Richmond online

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