Academy of Leadership


The is composed of distinct courses or workshops which develop leadership skills to their full potential. Each course fosters principle-focused leadership through the use of research, best practices, behavioral models and support.

The Academy of Leadership embraces a three-fold philosophy:

  1. Leadership can and must be taught
  2. Everyone possesses leadership potential
  3. There are excellent examples of leadership within EWI

This philosophy is the foundation for the entire Academy of Leadership program, including all speakers, activities and information presented at each course.

The completion of any three Academy of Leadership courses by July 1 is a prerequisite to attend The Leadership Experience at LCAM and join the Academy of Leadership Alumni. Alumni are eligible to attend special leadership events such as the Annual Alumni Experience.

Academy of Leadership (AOL) Recertification Guidelines (April 2022)

As LCAM 2022 approaches and many members consider attending this year’s event, the Corporate Board of Directors would like to share information about the Academy of Leadership program and our recertification standards adopted in 2018. The organization encourages all EWI Members to participate and engage in our AOL programming with the goal of becoming a graduate and continuing on their leadership journey beyond graduation.

The overall goal of the Academy of Leadership is to enhance leadership effectiveness of participants for their benefit and that of their firm. The program is offered through a series of modules. The objective for reach module is to:

  1. Increase leadership ability and motivation that will be applicable within a variety of work environments and that will improve the participant’s stature as a professional.
  2. Provide a unique leadership training experience.
  3. Each module is presented by professional facilitators, providing a blend of training, motivations and interactive presentation style to add value to the topic.
  4. To build leadership skills. Each module includes an assessment that provides attendees with a better understanding of their particular leadership style and a structure to immediately transform information into skills.

    The Academy of Leadership Alumnae Group

Once a member of EWI has successfully completed four (4) modules, the member will graduate and be considered “Academy of Leadership Alumnae”, where they can then participate in all Alumnae functions which take place in conjunction with the Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting (LCAM) each year. To maintain your Alumnae status, each member must attend another module every five years.

If Alumnae status lapses, you may re-certify by attending two (2) AOL modules within the following five (5) year period.

Opportunities to demonstrate leadership skills abound in EWI, and it is with this understanding that we developed the Academy of Leadership in 2001. The Academy of Leadership (AOL) coursework and programming is a way of continually empowering members and their firms to learn, grow and personify leadership within their work environments and in their personal lives.

The Academy of Leadership provides an intense, collaborative, and meaningful discovery of an attendee’s skill sets, strengths and opportunities for improvement. Since 2001, hundreds of EWI members have participated in the Academy of Leadership (AOL) and are now Alumnae. Each member must have participated in four modules to graduate and become Alumnae.

The Academy of Leadership is composed of distinct courses of workshops which develop leadership skills to their full potential. Each course fosters principle-focused leadership using research, best practices, behavioral models and support. Our Academy finds it strength and style in its focus on behaviors. Academy participants are introduced to the history and philosophy of leadership, taught to influence and motivate others within the context of leadership, and are encouraged to become centers of influence in their firms, Chapters and communities.

The Academy of Leadership embraces a three-fold philosophy:
1.            Leadership can and must be taught
2.            Everyone possesses leadership potential
3.            There are excellent examples of leadership within EWI

Here are the current modules which have been developed:
1.            Professional and Volunteer Leadership – Thinking Like a Genius
2.            The Power of the Diverse Communicator
3.            The Power of Relationships
4.            Finding Your Voice: An Experience in Leadership
5.            It All Begins With You
6.            Women and Leadership: The Power of Your Story
7.            Emotional Intelligence: Making the Connection
8.            How to Motivate, Influence and Lead People to Action
9.            Chapter Leadership: Making Great Things Happen
10.          Strategies to Remain Valuable in a Volatile World
11.          Navigating the Lipstick Jungle
12.          The Lessons of Leadership
13.          Secrets of Outstanding Leaders

In addition to providing a forum for leadership development through the Academy, the curriculum is also driven by the understanding that behavior is the foundation of all successful leadership.

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