Board Profiles

Information on the Executive Women International, EWI of Richmond, 2018-2019 Executive Board Directors and Senior Management Team profiles


Title: President
Name: Michele Rundstrom
Firm: Altria Client Services LLC
Firm Website:

Michele is a Senior Legal Analyst in the legal department at Altria Client Services LLC.  She joined EWI in 2014 and has served two years as the Communications Director, one year as Vice President and served on various committees.  She enjoys the extraordinary camaraderie the Richmond Chapter offers its members.

Michele is a native of New Jersey but currently resides in Powhatan, VA with her husband and daughter.

Vice President


Title: Vice President
Name: Jennifer Benton
Firm: Virginia Credit Union
Firm Website:



Title: Sergeant-at-Arms
Name: Kim Domingo
Firm: United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg
Firm Website:

Recruitment and Retention Director

Title: Recruitment and Retention Director
Name: Mary Kay Campbell
Firm: Shamin Hotels
Firm Website:

Programs Director

Title: Programs Director
Name: Tanya Johnson
Firm: Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Firm Website:

ASIST Scholarship

Title: ASIST Scholarship
Name:  Karen Huffman
Firm: Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Firm Website:

Karen is the Administrative Services Team Leader in the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond where she has been employed since March of 2011. She joined EWI Richmond in November 2011 as the third representative for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and has served on the board as Treasurer, Vice President. and President.  Karen is a native of Mechanicsville, VA and currently lives there with her husband and two children.

Communications Director

Title: Communications Director
Name: Olivia Smith
Firm: Millennium Advisory Services, Inc.
Firm Website:


Title: Advisor
Name: Ann Bushey
Firm: Reynolds Community College
Firm Website:

Ann is the Executive Assistant to the President of Reynolds Community College where she has been employed since June of 2016.


Title: Parliamentarian
Name: Debbie Clark
Firm: Universal Corporation
Firm Website: