Each member firm must be represented by a representative or an executive at seven (7) meetings within the Chapter year.

Attendance Requirements

The Chapter’s expectation is that a member firm be represented at least at seven (7) meetings within the chapter year, by the Representative or Executive. Representatives missing three (3) consecutive meetings per chapter year will be contacted by a Board Member to discuss options.  Should a Representative have a need to be absent for a period of time, Representative may request a leave of absence from the Board of Directors.  Such request must be made in writing for Board consideration and approval.

Leave Of Absence

Upon a representative’s written request, the Board of Directors may grant a leave of absence, not to exceed three (3) months, free of obligation of attending meetings, providing the applicant at the time of request is in good standing in the chapter and remains in good standing during the leave of absence with respect to payment of dues.

Clarification: if your firm is not represented for three (3) consecutive months, and you request a leave of absence in the third month, a leave of absence will only be granted for a third month, not the first and second. It is important to remember that the Board will grant a leave of absence only when the reason for the absence is deemed appropriate (e.g., illness, work commitment) and repeated leaves are not to be granted to an individual within the same calendar year. An excused leave never provides the firm, the representative or the Chapter with the benefit of attendance at the meeting.